Discover the Tranquil Beauty of Causarina Beach in Barbados

Causarina Beach is located on the southern coast of Barbados, just 0.2 miles from the Coral Mist Beach Hotel. This large beach is conveniently close to St. Lawrence Gap, allowing visitors to easily explore the town.

  • Causarina Beach extends in front of the Casuarina Beach Hotel and is accessible from Maxwell Coast Road.


  • Situated on the southern coast of Barbados, 0.2 miles from the Coral Mist Beach Hotel
  • Close proximity to St. Lawrence Gap

Nearby Hotels

There are 13 hotels located near Causarina Beach, providing plenty of accommodation options for those looking to stay close by.

Hotel Name Distance Number of Rooms
Coral Mist Beach Hotel 0.2 mi 32
Time Out at the Gap 0.2 mi 76
Dover Beach Hotel 0.3 mi 59
Blue Horizon 0.3 mi 70
Turtle Beach Resort 0.4 mi 164
Rainbow Reef Beach Hotel 0.5 mi 45
South Beach Resort & Vacation Club 0.6 mi 49


Amenities and Ambience

  • Popular with windsurfers due to the trade winds
  • Various water sports available
  • Crowdedness depends on time of day and season
  • Provides more privacy than some beaches while still allowing for people watching
  • Large beach means plenty of space even when crowded

Attractions Nearby

In addition to the beach itself, there are several nearby attractions to complement a visit to Causarina Beach:

Attraction Name Distance Direction Type
St. Lawrence Church 0.1 mi NE Church
Tyrol Cot Heritage Village 2.1 mi W Historical Site
Harry Bayley Observatory 2.2 mi W Observatory
Barbados Museum 2.2 mi W Museum
Barbados Gallery of Art 2.2 mi W Museum
Christ Church Parish Church 2.6 mi NE Historical Site
Emmancipation Statue 2.7 mi NW Historical Site
R.C. Cathedral 3.0 mi W Church
The Careenage 3.5 mi W Water Body
Old Synagogue 3.6 mi W Church


Restaurants Nearby

Though there are not many widely-known restaurants right by the beach, there are some options within a short drive:

Restaurant Name Cuisine Type Meals Served Distance Direction
Waterfront Cafe Creole lunch & dinner 4.6 mi N.A.
The Cliff Contemporary dinner 7.5 mi NW
Carambola Contemporary dinner 7.5 mi NW
Baku Beach Bar Eclectic lunch & dinner 8.0 mi NW
Olives Bar & Bistro Eclectic dinner 9.6 mi NW
Ragamuffins Eclectic dinner 9.6 mi NW
The Crane Seafood lunch & dinner 9.8 mi NE
Naniki Restaurant Caribbean lunch & dinner 9.8 mi N


Other Nearby Beaches If looking to explore other beaches in Barbados, some options include:

  • Sandy Beach (1.2 mi west) – Family-friendly with shallow waters and snorkeling
  • Bottom Bay (11.8 mi northeast) – Secluded and picturesque beach perfect for a tropical getaway
  • Silver Sands Beach (4.5 mi away) – Pristine beach popular with locals and tourists alike

There are plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy in Barbados, with Causarina Beach being just one option for travelers. Its amenities, convenient location, and special ambience make it a great beach choice.

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