Crane Beach

Crane Beach is located on the southeast coast of Barbados and is known for its stunning cliffs, white sands, palm trees and moderate waves that are great for body surfing. The beach has a relaxed vibe and offers both lively waves and a protected cove for calmer swimming. With amenities, nearby hotels and attractions, Crane Beach appeals to a range of travelers.


  • Located on Barbados’ southeastern coast, near the Crane, 0.2 miles away
  • Close to Marley Valley

Nearby Hotels

  • Moderate number of hotels located nearby
  • Visitors from nearby hotels frequent the beach

Hotels Near Crane Beach:

Hotel Name Distance No. of Rooms
Crane 0.2 mi 98
Sam Lord’s Castle Resort 0.2 mi 248
Silver Sands Resort 6.8 mi 130
Southern Palms Beach Club 9.1 mi 92
Allamanda Beach Hotel 9.3 mi 50
Rainbow Reef Beach Hotel 9.3 mi 45
Bougainvillea Beach Resort 9.3 mi 138

Amenities and Ambience

  • Great waves for body surfing, rough at times
  • Protected cove offers calmer waters for swimming
  • Crowdedness varies by time of year and day
  • Relaxed vibe with lively waves
  • Prestigious beach with appeal for sports enthusiasts

Attractions Nearby

  • Andromeda Gardens – botanical garden 9.6 mi away
  • Sharon Moravian Church – historical church nearby
Attraction Distance Direction Type
Sunbury Plantation House & Museum 3.2 mi W Historical Site
Gun Hill Signal Station 6.3 mi W Historical Site
Francia Plantation House 6.7 mi W Historical Site
Christ Church Parish Church 7.5 mi SW Historical Site
South Point Lighthouse 7.6 mi SW Historical Site
St. George Parish Church 8.7 mi SW Church
Andromeda Gardens 9.6 mi NW Natural Attraction
St. Lawrence Church 9.8 mi SW Church
Emmancipation Statue 9.8 mi SW Historical Site
Welchman Hall Gully 11.2 mi W Zoo/Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Limited dining options directly near beach
  • Wider selection of restaurants located farther away
  • Picnics can be packed for the beach
Restaurant Cuisine Meals Distance Direction
The Crane Seafood Lunch & Dinner 0.1 mi S
Naniki Restaurant Caribbean Lunch & Dinner 9.4 mi NW
Bonito Beach Bar & Restaurant Caribbean Lunch 10.1 mi NW
Waterfront Cafe Creole Lunch & Dinner 13.0 mi SW
The Cliff Contemporary Dinner 14.2 mi W
Carambola Contemporary Dinner 14.2 mi W
Baku Beach Bar Eclectic Lunch & Dinner 14.3 mi W
Olives Bar & Bistro Eclectic Dinner 14.8 mi W

Other Nearby Beaches

  • Bottom Bay – 2.4 mi north, tranquil and picturesque
  • Paynes Bay – 14.3 mi west, calm waters perfect for families
  • Silver Sands Beach – 6.7 mi away, pristine beach popular with locals

Crane Beach is just one of many excellent beach options in Barbados. With its stunning setting, amenities and lively yet relaxed vibe, it appeals to a range of beachgoers.

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