Mullin’s Bay Barbados

Mullins Bay is an easily accessible beach with parking right across the street. The aqua Caribbean waters are calm and clear. Mullins Beach Bar is located right on the beach and provides lighting at night.



Although Barbados offers some more secluded beaches that Mullin’s Bay the natural setting and other special features available at this location could be just what the doctor ordered.

Despite the fact that there are many choices to make during your vacation, in Caribbean travel choosing a beach can be quite important you’ll find beaches like Mullin’s Bay make excellent options in Barbados.




You may find that beaches throughout Barbados are usually fairly quiet, however, Mullin’s Bay offers something unique. Of course, this spot isn’t one many would call metropolitan it isn’t those planning on stopping at this beach during their vacations will enjoy escaping the buzz of city life without missing an opportunity to meet new people.






For some visitors the amenities and attractions at or around a beach can be the most important attributes. Others feel that it is the seclusion and the chance to waste away the day on the sand that is the best part of the beach. There are plenty of beaches in Barbados, and Mullin’s Bay may be precisely what you are seeking.


Mullin’s Bay is close to Speightstown, so walking the town is a definite option.


Nearby Hotels

The number of other guests enjoying the beach can vary widely — it depends on when you visit. You can typically expect to see hotel guests staying close by. You’ll find a fair number of hotels located nearby. So if you’d like to stay in this neighborhood you have some good options to consider.

Amenities and Ambience

Snorkeling is popular in the clear waters off Mullins Bay, as well as an assortment of water sports. Visitors can get food and drinks from Mullins Beach Bar and even go for a night swim thanks to the lights from the bar.


Who you share these sands with will depend on several things, like the time of day and the season. Some of Barbados’ beaches may rarely be crowded, while others are often crowded especially when the season is at its peak. When considering a day at the beach, an important thing to keep in mind might be, at least for some vacationers, the crowds you’ll meet. While some beach goers prefer a crowded beach with lots of activity, others would just like to relax in a quiet spot.

Like everything else about Barbados this beach has a distinctive personality which will appeal to certain visitors. The personality of this beach is rather different from what you’ll discover in other parts of Barbados. Mullins Bay is a popular spot that appeals to everyone. Travelers of all ages can be found here.


Despite the fact that there aren’t many widely-known restaurants nearby you still have some options, especially if you are willing to drive a bit.

There are several types of dining experiences that visitors can enjoy in Barbados, but eating at the beach can be especially enjoyable. Check with your hotel to see if they will pack a picnic lunch for you, or you can obtain picnic supplies on your way to the beach.

While visiting this beach, vacationers may enjoy the snack bar.


Other Beaches

Needless to say, Mullin’s Bay isn’t the only beach you’ll find in Barbados.

Travelers will find plenty to enjoy in Barbados, including a trip to Mullin’s Bay.

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