Bottom Bay Barbados

One of the best beaches in Barbados, Bottom Bay is a wide stretch of white sand that is lined with coconut palms and even has its own cave. To access the beach, visitors can park on top of a cliff and walk down steps to the azure waters. Medium to large waves dominate the surf. … Read more

Beaches in Barbados

With over 70 square miles of beaches to choose from on the beautiful island of Barbados, travelers will have no problem finding the right coastal terrain for their tropical getaway. Beaches abound on this gorgeous vacation spot! Barbados has sugary white sand beaches and exotic pink sand beaches. The terrain on the island is fairly … Read more

Best Ways To Get To Barbados

Vacationers can arrive on Barbados in many ways. The most popular method is air travel. Those who don’t visit by plane often choose to arrive by cruise ship. Some adventurous sailors even take to the seas themselves in a chartered ship or on their own vessel. When flying to Barbados, passengers will arrive at the … Read more

How To Get Around Barbados

This guide will help you get around Barbados much more easily. Bicycles and mopeds Bicycles and mopeds can provide excellent opportunities for vacationers to get off the beaten path and explore more remote areas of Barbados. Bikes and scooters are widely available on the island, and rental rates are affordable once a cash deposit is … Read more

Tipping in Barbados

A few simple guidelines can simplify the tipping customs of Barbados. Every country has its own traditions and rules about what is customary and polite when it comes to tips and gratuities. While tipping throughout the United States is compulsory, in other places it may be less common. In destinations known for tourism, gratuities are … Read more

Health and Medical in Barbados

Health and medical considerations are always a concern when traveling abroad, but there’s little to worry about in Barbados where health care is top quality. Travelers to Barbados are required to show proof of a yellow fever vaccination but only if traveling from a contaminated locale. Although this the only health requirement visitors to Barbados … Read more

Embassies and Consulates in Barbados

No matter where you’re visiting, embassies and consulates can provide a helping hand whenever trouble strikes; this is no different in Barbados. Here local consular offices may be able to provide travelers with everything from lists of local doctors to help with lost passports. If trouble strikes during your island vacation, your best bet is … Read more

Driving in Barbados

Travelers planning to drive while in Barbados should expect to get used to a few minor adjustments. Barbados drivers stay to the left, just as they do in England, which may take some getting used to for North American drivers. Road conditions are mostly good throughout the region, but watch for potholes outside the larger … Read more

Customs in Barbados

Knowing the customs regulations for the Caribbean and your home country will help eliminate hassles bringing gifts and souvenirs back from Barbados. As a visitor to Barbados, be aware of the following customs tips and rules before visiting the island: All prescription drugs must be accompanied by an official prescription. You may bring up to … Read more