Paradise Beach Barbados

South of Paynes’s Bay lies Paradise beach, with its beautiful calm waters. The beach is public and is seperated from Brighton Beach by a small patch of woods.



Although Barbados offers some more secluded beaches that Paradise Beach the combination of natural setting, personality and other attributes available at this beach could be just what the doctor ordered.

Despite the fact that vacation planning is filled with choices, the beaches you choose to visit may be be some of the most important ones and Paradise Beach is one of Barbados’ many great beaches to consider.




You may find that beaches throughout Barbados are most often quiet beaches, but you’ll find something a little different at Paradise Beach. Though few would call this spot urbanized it’s not those planning to visit with families or groups of friends can enjoy a relaxing stay without missing the chance to people watch.






Location is important, and you can find a great sunny spot to relax on a beach. You’ll find plenty of beaches in Barbados, like Paradise Beach. Therefore, if you’re looking for an out of the way spot, or a more active getaway, you’ll be sure to find it, but you have to decide if this particular beach is the perfect fit.


You’ll find this delightful beach on the southwestern coast of Barbados, 1.1 miles from Bell Buoy. Paradise Beach is near Warrens, so a trip into town is a definite option.

Nearby Hotels

The number of other visitors at the beach can vary widely — it depends on when you visit. You can typically expect to encounter a fair number of vacationers who are staying close by. There are a large number of hotels near this beach. Those looking to stay near this beach won’t have trouble finding a spot.

Additional hotel options are listed in the following table.

Nearest Hotels to Paradise Beach
Hotel Name Distance No. of
Treasure Beach Hotel 1.5 mi. 29
St. James 2.0 mi. 163
Tamarind Cove Hotel 2.2 mi. 188
House 2.3 mi. 33
Angler Apartments 2.3 mi. 14
Little Arches Hotel 2.7 mi. 10
Sandy Lane 2.9 mi. 117


Amenities and Ambience

Calm waters make Paradise Beach ideal for swimming and relaxing in paradise.


The amount of people on the beach depends on the day of the week, time of year, and many other factors. Some of Barbados’ beaches may rarely be crowded, while others are often crowded especially during the high tourism season. When planning a beach outing a key factor to consider can be, for some beach goers, the possibility of crowds. While some beach goers prefer a crowded beach with lots of activity, many would prefer to just relax in a quiet area.

Like everything else about Barbados this beach has its own personality which will be the perfect match for some visitors. The appealing qualities of this beach are a little different from other beach locations in Barbados. Paradise Beach is one of the best beaches on the west coast, so it’s a popular spot for travelers.


If you’re like most travelers, you hope to see plenty of incredible sights during your stay and also relax. The beach can help you relax, but natural attractions, like Bell Buoy (located 1.1 miles to the southeast of Paradise Beach) can add greatly to your vacation experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Barbados you’ll be able to find opportunities nearby. For instance, Sharon Moravian Church is located 2.8 miles to the northeast of Paradise Beach.


If you’re looking for plenty of activities for your vacation, you won’t be far from the items in the following table when you’re at this beach.

Attractions Near Paradise Beach
Attraction Name Distance Direction Type
Malibu Visitor Center 0.7 mi. SE Tourism Oriented Business
Bell Buoy 1.1 mi. SE Natural Attraction
Starvronikita 1.1 mi. SW Church
Silver Bank 1.5 mi. S Natural Attraction
Mount Gay Rum Visitor Center 1.6 mi. SE Tourism Oriented Business
Barbados Tourism Authority 2.5 mi. SE Tourism Oriented Business
Sharon Moravian Church 2.8 mi. NE Historical Site
Old Synagogue 2.8 mi. SE Church
The Careenage 3.0 mi. SE Water Body
Dottins Reef 3.4 mi. NW Natural Attraction



If you’re feeling hungry for a midday meal, this beach provides some viable options without sending you far from the sea.

The table below provides a list of food choices near this beach.

Restaurants Near Paradise Beach
Restaurant Name Cuisine Type Meals Served Distance Direction
Carambola Contemporary dinner 1.4 mi. NW
The Cliff Contemporary dinner 1.4 mi. NW
Waterfront Cafe Creole lunch & dinner 1.9 mi. SE
Baku Beach Bar Eclectic lunch & dinner 2.0 mi. NW
Olives Bar & Bistro Eclectic dinner 3.9 mi. NW
Ragamuffins Eclectic dinner 3.9 mi. NW
Naniki Restaurant Caribbean lunch & dinner 8.3 mi. NE
La Mer Contemporary dinner 9.5 mi. NW


There are several types of dining experiences to be enjoyed in Barbados, but a meal on the beach can be exceptionally nice. Many hotels will prepare a picnic lunch for you, or you can pick up food from local vendors en route to the beach.


Other Beaches

Needless to say, there are other beaches besides Paradise Beach in Barbados. Another location you might enjoy is Brandons Beach, which is home to plenty of activity. You’ll find it 0.4 miles to the southeast. These shores are considered by many to be in the top three beaches to visit while on Barbados.

If your search is for something further from the beaten path, you may find what you’re looking for at Bottom Bay. Secluded and picture-perfect, Bottom Bay is one of Barbados’ best beaches. Plenty of white sand, coconut palms, sparkling water, and great waves create the perfect tropical island getaway. It is located 14.9 miles to the northeast.

You may also enjoy Brighton Beach, which can be found 1.2 miles away from Paradise Beach. Visitors to Barbados’ west coast will delight in the long sandy stretch of paradise known as Brighton Beach. Perfect for travelers of all ages and interests, this beach is one of the most beautiful in the area and features calm waters.

You’ll find plenty to see and do in Barbados, even a visit to Paradise Beach can play a part.

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