Sandy Beach Barbados

Located in the Worthington area, Sandy Beach lies right off the Worthington main road. The sandy white beach leads down to calm, turquoise lagoon. A coral reef is visible at low tide and submerged at high tide.



Although Sandy Beach is not the most secluded beach in Barbados the combination of natural setting, personality and other attributes available at this beach might be just what the doctor ordered.

Despite the fact that vacation planning is filled with choices, in Caribbean travel choosing a beach can be quite important and Sandy Beach is one of Barbados’ many great beaches to consider.




Some may feel that beaches throughout Barbados are most often quiet beaches, but you can find a difference at Sandy Beach. Still, you wouldn’t call this spot very metropolitan it’s not those planning on stopping at this beach during their vacations will enjoy escaping the buzz of city life without sacrificing the chance to meet new people.






The beaches of Barbados are known for their natural beauty, which helps make them popular vacation spots. And, though many of these tropical spots attract visitors, you may find that some have less of a draw than others. The nature of each beach is different, and it’s easy for many vacationers to enjoy everything Sandy Beach has to offer.


Visitors will find this beach on the southern coast of Barbados, 0.1 miles from the Savannah Hotel. Sandy Beach is near Worthing, so walking the town is a definite option.

Nearby Hotels

Whether or not you have the beach pretty much to yourself will depend on when you visit. You can generally expect to see hotel guests staying close by. There are a fair number of hotels near this beach. Those wanting to stay in this neighborhood won’t have trouble finding a spot.

Hotels near this beach are listed in the following table.

Nearest Hotels to Sandy Beach
Hotel Name Distance No. of
Savannah Hotel 0.1 mi. 98
Accra Beach Hotel & Resort 0.1 mi. 147
Sandy Beach Island Resort 0.1 mi. 112
Amaryllis Beach Resort 0.2 mi. 66
Blue Orchids Beach Hotel 0.3 mi. 35
Sunset Crest Resort 0.6 mi. 107
South Beach Resort & Vacation Club 0.6 mi. 49


Amenities and Ambience

Snorkeling is excellent along Sandy Beach’s coral reef and the swimming is good in the shallow lagoon. Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rental, as well as food and drinks. Jet ski rentals and windsurfing are sometimes available.


Who you share these sands with will depend on several things, like the time of day and the season. Some of Barbados’ beaches are more crowded than others especially when tourism season is as its peak. An important element to consider when planning a day at the beach may be the size of the crowd you’ll encounter. While some prefer a crowded beach filled with people and activity, others enjoy a quieter beach atmosphere.

Like so many places in Barbados this beach has a distinctive personality which will appeal to certain visitors. The personality of this beach is a little different from many of the other beaches in Barbados. Families with children are often seen on Sandy Beach because the water is so shallow. However, it’s also a popular spot for adults who can cool off with a drink at one of the beach or hotel bars. Weekends are especially crowded and loud.


If you’re like most travelers, you enjoy seeing plenty of wonderful sights during your visit– and also relax. An afternoon at the beach can be relaxing, but natural wonders, like Bell Buoy (located 4.5 miles to the northwest of Sandy Beach) can be a great part of your vacation.

Historical attractions such as South Point Lighthouse provide a wonderful complement to the scenery of Sandy Beach, allowing vacationers to learn more about Barbados without having to leave the coast.


If a visit to the beach won’t satiate your need for island activities, you’ll find the closest ones to the beach in the following table.

Attractions Near Sandy Beach
Attraction Name Distance Direction Type
Tyrol Cot Heritage Village 1.0 mi. W Historical Site
Barbados Museum 1.0 mi. NW Museum
Harry Bayley Observatory 1.1 mi. W
Barbados Gallery of Art 1.1 mi. W Museum
St. Lawrence Church 1.2 mi. E Church
R.C. Cathedral 1.9 mi. NW Church
Emmancipation Statue 2.3 mi. N Historical Site
The Careenage 2.4 mi. NW Water Body
Old Synagogue 2.5 mi. NW Church
Barbados Tourism Authority 3.0 mi. W Tourism Oriented Business



Notwithstanding the fact that this beach is not exactly the area’s culinary epicenter you still have some options, particularly if you’re willing to drive a bit.

Some dining options are shown below.

Restaurants Near Sandy Beach
Restaurant Name Cuisine Type Meals Served Distance Direction
Waterfront Cafe Creole lunch & dinner 3.5 mi. NW
Carambola Contemporary dinner 6.5 mi. NW
The Cliff Contemporary dinner 6.6 mi. NW
Baku Beach Bar Eclectic lunch & dinner 7.1 mi. NW
Olives Bar & Bistro Eclectic dinner 8.7 mi. NW
Ragamuffins Eclectic dinner 8.8 mi. NW
Naniki Restaurant Caribbean lunch & dinner 9.7 mi. N
The Crane Seafood lunch & dinner 10.7 mi. NE


There are plenty of great restaurants in Barbados, but not every meal needs to eaten in a formal setting. Some visitors enjoy having a meal right at the beach. Your hotel may be happy to pack a picnic lunch for you, or you can pick up some food en route to the beach.

The restaurant at the beach serves hungry sun worshipers. A lot of beachgoers visit the snack bar at this beach.


Other Beaches

Sandy Beach is just one of many beaches you can visit in Barbados. Some might enjoy Causarina Beach, which is a particularly centralized beach. It is located 1.2 miles to the east. A popular windsurfing beach, Causarina Beach is for travelers who like water sports. The trade winds keep it cool on the beach, where there is plenty of room to spread out. Dining and drinks are available at the Causarina Beach Hotel.

If you’re planning a trip filled with peace and quiet, your search could end at Bottom Bay. Secluded and picture-perfect, Bottom Bay is one of Barbados’ best beaches. Plenty of white sand, coconut palms, sparkling water, and great waves create the perfect tropical island getaway. It’s found 12.6 miles to the northeast.

You may also want to consider Brighton Beach, which you’ll find 4.2 miles from Sandy Beach. Visitors to Barbados’ west coast will delight in the long sandy stretch of paradise known as Brighton Beach. Perfect for travelers of all ages and interests, this beach is one of the most beautiful in the area and features calm waters.

You’ll find plenty to see and do in Barbados, and Sandy Beach is one of many incredible beaches you can choose from.

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