Silver Sands Beach Barbados

Located on the southern tip of Barbados, Silver Sands Beach features sugary white sands. It is east of Oistins and the South Point Lighthouse.



While Barbados offers some more secluded beaches that Silver Sands Beach the mix of natural setting and other special features offered by this location could be what you are looking for.

Despite the fact that you’ll find many choices when planning your vacation, the beaches you choose to visit may be be some of the most important ones and Silver Sands Beach is one of Barbados’ many great beaches to consider.




Seclusion and privacy are part of the draw to Barbados’ beaches, and you’ll find a bit of that style of travel at Silver Sands Beach though you’ll never be too far away, either. With cities nearby but not too close you’ll have everything you need.






One of the most important parts of a beach can be location, and you can find a great sunny spot to relax on a beach. There are many beaches in Barbados, and Silver Sands Beach is just one of them. So, whether you’re looking for a secluded spot or a bustling beachfront you can find it, but you’ll need to decide if this one is your style.


Beach-goers will find this stretch of sand on Barbados’ southeastern coast, 0.1 miles from the Silver Sands Resort. Silver Sands Beach is near Oistens, so walking the town is a definite option.

Nearby Hotels

Whether or not you encounter many other people will depend on when you visit. There aren’t any large hotels in the immediate neighborhood but it is often visited by visitors staying at some of the smaller hotels nearby. There are 25 hotels nearby. So if you’d like to stay near here you can certainly find a room.

Nearby hotels are listed in the following table.

Nearest Hotels to Silver Sands Beach
Hotel Name Distance No. of
Silver Sands Resort 0.1 mi. 130
Southern Palms Beach Club 3.7 mi. 92
Bougainvillea Beach Resort 3.9 mi. 138
Rainbow Reef Beach Hotel 4.0 mi. 45
Allamanda Beach Hotel 4.0 mi. 50
Dover Beach Hotel 4.2 mi. 59
Time Out at the Gap 4.4 mi. 76


Amenities and Ambience

Silver Sands Beach is a beautiful beach that is good for water activities like windsurfing. Food and drinks can be found at the Silver Rock Hotel and Bar.


The number of people on the beach is affected by the time of year, time of day, and many other factors. A few of Barbados’ beaches may hardly ever be crowded, while others are frequently crowded particularly during the high season. One of the most important factors when considering a day at the beach might be, at least for some vacationers, the crowds you’ll meet. While some beach goers prefer a crowded beach with lots of activity, some prefer to just hear the sounds of the surf.

Like many other aspects of Barbados this beach has a distinctive quality which will be the perfect match for some visitors. The personality of this beach is a bit different from what you’ll discover in other parts of Barbados. A favorite among the locals, Silver Sands Beach is a good place to mingle.


The beach is pretty close to several visit-worthy natural attractions, including Bell Buoy which you will find 10.0 miles to the west of Silver Sands Beach.

If you want to learn more about the history of Barbados there are opportunities nearby. For example South Point Lighthouse is located 1.1 miles to the southwest of Silver Sands Beach.


If you’re looking for other nearby attractions or activity options, this beach isn’t far from any of the items in the following table.

Attractions Near Silver Sands Beach
Attraction Name Distance Direction Type
South Point Lighthouse 1.1 mi. SW Historical Site
Christ Church Parish Church 2.1 mi. W Historical Site
St. Lawrence Church 4.5 mi. W Church
Sunbury Plantation House & Museum 6.0 mi. N Historical Site
Emmancipation Statue 6.2 mi. NW Historical Site
Tyrol Cot Heritage Village 6.6 mi. W Historical Site
Barbados Museum 6.7 mi. W Museum
Barbados Gallery of Art 6.7 mi. W Museum
Gun Hill Signal Station 6.7 mi. NW Historical Site
Harry Bayley Observatory 6.8 mi. W



Although it’s not located in the culinary epicenter of the area you can still satiate your hunger, particularly if you are prepared to venture a little farther away.

Nearby restaurants are listed in the following table.

Restaurants Near Silver Sands Beach
Restaurant Name Cuisine Type Meals Served Distance Direction
The Crane Seafood lunch & dinner 6.7 mi. NE
Waterfront Cafe Creole lunch & dinner 9.0 mi. W
Naniki Restaurant Caribbean lunch & dinner 11.0 mi. NW
The Cliff Contemporary dinner 11.5 mi. NW
Carambola Contemporary dinner 11.5 mi. NW
Baku Beach Bar Eclectic lunch & dinner 11.9 mi. NW
Bonito Beach Bar & Restaurant Caribbean lunch 12.4 mi. NW
Olives Bar & Bistro Eclectic dinner 13.2 mi. NW


Every location in the world has its own style of cuisine, and Barbados is no different. A unique place to delve into local specialties is directly on the beach. Many hotels will prepare a picnic lunch for you, or you can pick up food from local vendors en route to the beach.

You will also find a restaurant at this beach. While visiting this beach you may enjoy the snack bar.


Other Beaches

There are other beaches besides Silver Sands Beach in Barbados. Some might enjoy Causarina Beach, which is a particularly centralized beach. You’ll find it 4.5 miles to the west. A popular windsurfing beach, Causarina Beach is for travelers who like water sports. The trade winds keep it cool on the beach, where there is plenty of room to spread out. Dining and drinks are available at the Causarina Beach Hotel.

If you’re planning a trip filled with peace and quiet, Cattlewash may be a good choice. Nature lovers will delight in the exotic locale of Brighton Beach. It is the perfect spot to relax and take in the sights and sounds of the island’s natural habitats. The surf is rough, but just right for experienced surfers. Families with children might not want to risk the dangerous waters at Cattlewash. It’s found 12.4 miles to the northwest.

You may also enjoy Sandy Beach; it is located 5.7 miles from Silver Sands Beach. Sandy Beach is primarily a family-oriented beach with shallow waters and great snorkeling. Travelers of all ages, however, will enjoy the beautiful beach and its fun attractions.

You’ll find a great deal of variety in Barbados, even if a visit to Silver Sands Beach doesn’t top your list.

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